Step 1: Character Concept Form Edit

The first step to creating a new character is to fill out the Character Concept Form at

Once you have filled out the form, you should have an idea of who your character is. Feel free to create a wiki page for your character with any information you would like to have made public for other players to see.

Step 2: Passions Edit

Select the Passions that your character will have. Every character begins with 5 points of Passions. These can be divided between any number of different choices, with a starting maximum value at this point of 3 in each.

Step 3: Advantages and Disadvantages Edit

Every character gets a number of additional Advantages to start off with, including higher than normal Attributes, Abilities, or Passions, material resources, social connections, unusual physical traits, and other perks not covered by the basic scores of the character. 

Each character starts off with 10 points of Advantages that they can purchase. Some of these Advantages include buying Attributes and Abilities, some to even higher than the normal starting maximum. Advantage points can also be used to purchase Mutations.

Each character may also, if they choose, take Disadvantages. These are sort of like the opposite of Advantages, and are a variety of drawbacks making that character’s life harder. Every point in Disadvantages you take gives you 1 extra point in Advantages that you may take. You may take up to 5 points of Disadvantages. Mental Illnesses may also be taken as Disadvantages.

Step 4: Spend Starting Experience Points Edit

Each character begins with 150 experience points to spend on Attributes, Skills, and Combat Skills.

Every character begins with 1 point in each Attribute. Attributes can be raised by spending 5 x the new level XP. No Attribute can be raised above 4 during character creation.

Any unused experience points can be saved for later use.

Step 5: Derived Stats Edit

Health: Physique + Willpower + Toughness

Inspired by James Nash

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