Description Edit

You are able to sense imminent threats.

Abilities: Edit

Each of the Danger Sense abilities has a maximum score of 5.

Avoid Surprise: You receive a number of bonus dice when making rolls to avoid being surprised in combat

Evasion: Add your Evasion to your Defense rolls

Intuition: You may add your Intuition to any roll to sense if someone has criminal or violent intentions. This may be used on all people in your vicinity simultaneously.

Hazard Detection: You may add your Intuition to any role to sense a hazard, trap, or accident.

Levels Edit

Level Abilities
1 Avoid Surprise: 1

Evasion: 1

Intuition: 1

Hazard Detection: 1

2 Add +1 to two different Danger Sense abilities
3 Add +1 to two different Danger Sense abilities
4 Add +1 to three different Danger Sense abilities
5 Add +1 to all Danger Sense abilities

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