Description Edit

This power gives you the ability to create illusionary doppelgängers of yourself.

Quantity: The number of doppelgängers you may create simultaneously


  • Stationary - The doppelgänger cannot move at all
  • Single - The doppelgänger can make one single motion repeatedly
  • Controlled - You can control the doppelganger's movement

Duration: The amount of time that a doppelgänger will remain visible. Doppelganger's will disappear if they are touched.

Levels Edit

Level Abilities
1 Quantity: 1

Movement: Stationary

Duration: 1 Minute

2 Quantity: 2

Movement: Single

Duration: 5 Minute

3 Quantity: 4 Single movement, or 1 Controlled

Duration: 10 Minute

4 Quantity: 6 Single movement, or 2 Controlled

Duration: 20 Minute

5 Quantity: 10 Single movement, or 4 Controlled

Duration: Indefinite

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