Description Edit

Espionage Skills Edit

  • Athletics
  • Computers
  • Crime
  • Investigation
  • Stealth

Espionage Feats Edit

  • Collected
  • Computer Slicing
  • Lock Picking
  • Master of Disguise
  • Meditation

Espionage Abilities Edit

  • Your Dexterity experience multiplier is reduced by x1 (to a minimum of x3).
  • Re-roll 1s on all Espionage skill checks
  • 10s count as 3 successes on all Espionage skill checks
  • Gain a +1 modifier in any one Espionage Skill (can be taken multiple times)
  • Gain the Sharp Sense advantage.
    • One particular sense you select gains +2 in any Awareness rolls related specifically to it.
  • Gain the Lightning Reflexs advantage.
    • In combat, add a number of dice equal to your Lightning Reflexes Advantage to your Initiative roll. You may also get this bonus for other actions requiring fast reaction times, at the GM's discretion.
  • Gain one Espionage Feat (can be taken multiple times)

Levels Edit

Level Abilities
1 Your experience multiplier for all Espionage Skills is reduced by x1.

Choose one Espionage Ability

2 Choose two Espionage Abilities
3 Choose two Espionage Abilities
4 Choose three Espionage Abilities
5 Choose four Espionage Abilities

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