Description Edit

The FAUST (Fissile Autosomal Transformation) Serum is an experimental drug created by GeNex. FAUST is the primary agent used in GeNex's patented "Genetic Mutation Therapy", an experimental procedure that hopes to, "improve physical health, fight disease, and better suit individuals for the environments they live in."

Treatment Edit

FAUST is administered intravenously. While the initial FAUST injection must be administered through an IV drip over a 6 hour time period. Booster shots may be administered instantansously with a syringe. The dosage for a single booster shot of FAUST is 70 mg and should be taken once every 3 days to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Addiction Edit

FAUST is a highly addictive substance that is known to cause a physical dependency in its users. Withdrawals usually occur within 2-3 days of the first missed booster shot.

Withdrawal symptoms begin with migraines and blurred vision, progressing towards a decrease in the physical enhancements provided by the drug. Extended periods of serious withdrawal may cause damage to the nervous system, cardiovascular degradation, genetic mutation, memory loss, and, in extreme cases, death.

Game Mechanics Edit

Taking FAUST Edit

Each time a player takes a booster shot of FAUST, they receive 2 Super XP and must make a dependency check to determine if they have become more addicted to the drug. A dependency roll is a Willpower + Toughness check with a difficulty equal to the user's current level of dependency. A failed check means the user has become more dependent on FAUST, and their dependency level is increased by one.

A hero who takes a booster shot of FAUST without having taken the initial FAUST IV drip must additionally make a mutation check. On a failed check, the hero has genetically mutated and must roll on the mutations table.

Dependency Edit

A hero's dependency level determines how bad their withdrawal symptoms may become. The higher your dependency level, the more detrimental withdrawals may be. The dependency level ranges from 0 - 10.

A hero's dependency level is automatically raised to one the first time they use FAUST.

Withdrawals Edit

When a FAUST user exceeds 3 days without taking a booster shot, they must make a withdrawal check each day, starting on day 4.

Withdrawal Check Edit

Dice Pool: Physique + Toughness
Difficulty: (Dependency level / 3) + Number of previous withdrawal checks made since last taking FAUST.
Having Withdrawals Edit

A failed withdrawal check results in a user reaching the next level of withdrawal, and applying the withdrawal symptoms of that level. Withdrawal symptoms stack, so at level 4 you would apply the symptoms for levels 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Withdrawal Symptoms Edit

Withdrawal Level Symptom Effects


Migraines -1 to Willpower. You develop a minor weakness (-1) to bright lights and loud noises.
2 Super Powers Weakened -1 to Power
3 Blurred Vision -1 to Awareness and Attack
4 Super Powers Deteriorating All super powers are temporarialy decreased by 1 level.
5 Heart Rate Slowed -1 to Physique, Initiative, Defense, and Athletics
6 Mental Deterioration -1 to Intelligence, Charisma, Academics, and Science. Make a Willpower + Toughness check each day, if failed, you have suffered a permanent mental illness. Roll on the mental illness table .
7 Super Powers Failing All super powers are decreased by an additional level. Make a Physique + Power roll each day, if failed, you have genetically mutated. Roll on the mutations table .
8 Amnesia The GM may ask you to make an Awareness + Willpower check in order to remember any information. The difficulty will be set by the GM based on the level of detail you need to remember.
9 Super Powers Lost Your Power level is reduced to 0. All super powers are reduced to level 0.
10 Death Your hero has been killed by their addiction

NOTE: A hero's withdrawal level can never exceed their current level of dependency.

Once a user reaches a level of withdrawal equal to the their current dependency level, they continue to make withdrawal checks daily. If a user passes a withdrawal check while at their current level of dependency, they start to come down from their withdrawals.

Coming Down Edit

As the user starts to "come down", their withdrawal symptoms level immediately decreases by 1. Each day, the user now makes a recovery check.

Recovery Check Edit

Dice Pool: Physique + Toughness
Difficulty: Current symptom level

A passed recovery roll brings the hero down one symptom level. A failed roll does not increase the user's symptom level.

NOTE: A passed withdrawal check before beginning to "come down" does not decrease a users symptom level.

Breaking Free Edit

Once a hero that is "coming down" has reached symptom level zero, they are free of their addiction. The user's dependency level does not reset, but they will no longer have to make withdrawal checks. If the user begins to use FAUST again at a later time, they will immediately become dependent on the drug again at their previous dependency level.

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