Feats are special abilities that a character may have.


Ambidextrous Edit

Pre-requisite: Dual-Wielding

Receive no accuracy penalty when dual-wielding weapons.

Collected Edit

Before rolling initiative, you may choose to reduce your initiative roll by 4 to gain +1 bonus dice on attack rolls for the duration of combat.

Computer Slicing Edit

You have a +1 bonus on any Computers skill checks to hack into secure systems.

Critical Shot Edit

10s count as 3s on Firearms, Throwing, and Projectile attack rolls

Critical Strike Edit

10s count as 3s on melee and brawl attack rolls

Lock Picking Edit

You gain +1 bonus to Crime skill checks to pick locks.

Master of Disguise Edit

You gain a +1 bonus to skill checks to maintain a disguise or false identity

Dual-Wielding Edit

You may wield two one-handed weapons simultaneously. This allows you to roll two attack rolls each combat round, with each attack at a -2 accuracy.

Double Slice Edit

Pre-requisite: Dual-Wielding

While dual-wielding melee weapons, if your first attack does at least one damage, your second attack has a +2 damage modifier if it hits.

Iron Will Edit

You gain +2 bonus dice to Willpower when attempting to resist mind-altering effects.

Meditation Edit

When using a Defend combat action, you gain +2 accuracy on your next attack this encounter.

Multi-shot Edit

When using fire-arms, projectiles, or throwing weapons, if your first attack hits, you may make an additional attack at an enemy within 5ft. of the initial target at -1 accuracy.

Point Blank Edit

When using fire-arms, projectiles, or throwing weapons, you receive a +2 accuracy bonus while attacking enemies within 10 ft.

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