A character's Heroism level is determined by thier ethical behavior, commitment to justice, and acts of heroism.

Heroism ranges on a scale from 0 to 10. All characters start at a Heroism Level of 5 and 100 Heroism Points. Each level has it's own benefits or penalties that apply.

A Heroism Level of 10 means that a character is the definition of justice, courage, and good. A Heroism Level of 1 means that a character is the most ruthless of villains, showing no morals or empathy; this character is the epitome of evil.

Gaining/Losing Heroism Edit

Heroism points are gained over time for committing heroic deeds, upholding justice, using your power responsibly, etc. 

Heroism Points are tracked secretly by the GM. When your character accumulates or loses enough Heroism points to reach or fall to the next level, the GM should tell you to change your Heroism Level.

Heroism points are gained or lost each session based on the hero's actions. Generally a hero should gain/lose between 1-5 heroism points per session, however, extreme acts of heroism or villainy may warrant more Heroism Points to be gained or lost.

Villainous ActsEdit

Committing acts of villainy can have an immediate impact on your Heroism Level. At each level, there is a threshold for the "villanous acts" that may be committed while maintaining that level of heroism. If you commit an act that is equal to or worse than the threshold for your current level of heroism, roll a number of dice equal to half of the heroism level that the act you committed fits into, rounded-up. If you fail this roll, your Heroism Level is immediately reduced to that level. Your heroism points will be reduced to the maximum of the Heroism Point Range for that level.

Heroism Levels Edit

The effects of Heroism Levels stack above and below level 5.

For Example, 

Level Heroism Point Range Villainous Acts

Heroic Rolls (per session)

Passions Other Effects
10 250+ Minor Selfish Acts 5 Justice:+4

+1 to Charisma, Willpower, and Toughness

+1 Allies (Local Police, City Government) Advantage (+3 total)

9 200 - 249 Permanent Injury to a character or NPC of Heroism Level 3 or below 4 Justice:+3

+1 Super XP earned per session (+2 total)

+1 Fame Advantage Point (+2 total)

+1 Allies (Local Police, City Government) Advantage (+2 total)

8 160 - 199 Murdering a character or NPC of Heroism Level 3 or below 3 Justice:+2

+1 Super XP earned per session

+1 to Empathy

7 130 - 159 Unnecessary Property Damage 2 Justice:+1 +1 Allies (Local Police, City Government) Advantage
6 110 - 129 Petty Theft 2 +1 Fame Advantage Point
5 91 - 109 Vandalism (Grafitti) 1 No other effects
4 71 - 90 Grand Theft 1 +1 Outlaw Disadvantage Point
3 46 - 70 Impassioned, Violent Crime (Manslaughter, Assault) 0 Crime:+1

Upon falling to this level, make a Willpower  - Empathy roll, if failed, gain a Mental Illness.

+1 Outlaw Disadvantage Point (+2 total)

+1 to Crime

2 16 - 45 Planned, Violent Crime (Murder) 0 Crime:+2 +1 Outlaw Disadvantage Point (+3 total)
1 1-15 Callous Crime (Attempts at World Domination, Enslavement, Serial Murder) 0 Crime:+3

+1 Outlaw Disadvantage Point (+4 total)

+1 to Crime (+2 total)

0 0 Mass Murder 0 Crime:+4

+1 Outlaw Disadvantage Point (+5 total)

+1 to Deception

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