Game Mechanics Edit

Mental Illnesses can be taken as disadvantages during character creation or inflicted upon a player due to FAUST withdrawals, or other circumstances.

Mental Illness Table Edit

When rolling on the mental illness table, a player rolls 1d100 and gains the mental illness associated with the number rolled.

Note: Some mental illnesses have no range for rolling. These may only be obtained through character creation or other means.

Mental Illness Illness Level Illness Roll Range Effects
Attention Deficit Mild 1-15 When confronted with a challenge that requires intense focus, you may be distracted easily. Make a Willpower check, if failed, recieve a -1 to awareness for the rest of the encounter.
Hyperactive Mild 16-30 When required to sit still, be quiet, or be patient, you may have trouble controlling yourself. Make a Willpower check, if failed, recieve a -1 to all Dexterity and Charisma checks for the rest of the encounter.
Depression Mild 31-43 When confronted with personal or dramatic failure, you may be overwhelmed. Make a Willpower  check, if failed, you go into a bout of depression and receive a -1 to Willpower for the rest of the day.
Insomnia Mild 44-56 You have trouble sleeping and may become sleep deprived. At the beginning of each day, roll a Physique check, if failed, receive a -1 to Awareness rolls until you sleep.
Anxiety Standard 57-66

When confronted with a stressful situation, you may be overcome by stress. Make a Willpower check, if failed, lose 1 die from all rolls for the rest of the encounter.

Megalomania Standard 67-76 You exhibit an exaggerated level of selfishness and self-worth. Take a -1 die penalty on all checks that involve teamwork. Take a -2 die penalty on all checks that require self-sacrifice.
Vocalization Standard 77-81 When confronted with a difficult decision or stressful situation, you may begin to vocalize your internal monolouge. Make an Awareness check, if failed, you begin to think out loud, but do not realize this until it is pointed out by others, at which point you stop. You must make another Awareness check each turn for the rest of the encounter to keep yourself from thinking out loud.
Paranoia Standard 82-86 You believe that everyone and everything is out to get you. Recieve a -1 penalty on all Empathy, Investigation, and Persuasion checks.


Severe 87-89 You are prone to falling asleep at random times. The GM may ask you to make a Willpower check at any time, if failed, you fall into a light sleep. If in combat you lose your next turn while waking up. Outside of combat, make a Willpower check every 5 minutes, if passed, you wake up. You can also be woken up by another person, loud noise, etc.
Hallucinations Severe 90-92 You have visual and sensory delusions regularly. You may see hallucinations that effect your view of reality. At any time you may make an Awareness + Willpower roll, if passed, you can dispel all hallucinations for the rest of the encounter. If failed you are unable to seperate your delusions from reality. In combat you may take a turn to make this check. Outside of combat you may make this check once every 5 minutes.
Amnesia Severe 93-95 You have forgotten many details about your past (any time before you gain this condition). In order to remember any details of your past, the GM may ask you to make an Intelligence + Willpower check with a difficulty determined by the level of detail you are trying to remember. Partial successes may result in some information being recalled.
Short Term Memory Loss Severe 96-98 You have trouble retaining information about your current circumstances. At any time the GM may ask you to make an Intelligence + Willpower check, if failed, you forget everything that has happened in the last 30 minutes.
Multiple Personalities Extreme 99 You have developed one or more alternate personalities. The traits of your alternate personalities should be determined with the GM. At any time, the GM may ask you to make a Willpower check. If failed, one of your alternate personalities takes over. You may make a Willpower check to revert to your original personality. In combat you may attempt to revert as your turn action. Outside of combat, you may attempt to revert once every 5 minutes.
Schizophrenia Extreme 100 You hear voices in your head that confuse and mislead you. Exhibits the effects of Vocalization, but your vocalizations are often non-sensical, contradictory, or aggresssive. Additionally, receive a -2 penalty to Charisma.
Obsessive Compulsive* Mild - Extreme (GM discretion) You have a compulsion of some sort. Whenever confronted with this compulsion, you may make a willpower check. If failed, you must act upon your compulsion.
Obsession* Mild You have a fixation with an object, person, activity, etc. When confronted with your obsession, make a Willpower check. If failed, receive a -1 to all rolls to do anything that do not involve indulging your obsession while the object of your obsession is present. In combat, you may re-roll your Willpower check to break away from your obessesion at the start of each turn. Outside of combat, you may re-roll once every 5 minutes.
Phobia* Mild You have a crippling fear of an object, person, activity, etc. When attempting to confront the object of your phobia, make a Willpower check. If failed, you are unable to take any action that would put you in contact with your phobia.
  • This Mental Illness must be associated with a specific trait, object, person, activity, etc.

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