Description Edit

You have the ability to harden your body into metal. You have increased armor, brawl damage.

Fire damage dealt to you is halved (rounded up), after applying your armor.

In order to maintain your metal form, you must make a Metalmorph + Willpower check every 5 minutes. The difficulty of this check starts at 1 and increases with each roll.

When you take Lethal or Aggravated damage, you may fall out of your metal form. Roll a Metalmorph + toughness check with a difficulty equal to the amount of damage you took (multiplied by 2 for aggravated damage).

If a roll is failed, you revert back to your human form and are unable to metalmorph for 30 minutes.

Levels Edit

Level Abilities
1 You can coat yourself in a thin sheet of metal.

Armor Bonus +1, Brawl Damage +1

2 You can coat yourself in a thick, metal armor.

Armor Bonus + 2, Brawl Damage +2

3 You may metalmorph parts of your body separately

Armor Bonus + 3, Brawl Damage +3

4 You can metalmorph your arms or legs into solid metal objects

Armor Bonus + 4, Brawl Damage +4

5 You can turn your entire body into solid metal.

Armor Bonus +5, Brawl Damage +5

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