Game Mechanics Edit

Mutations can be taken as advantages during character creation or inflicted upon a player due to FAUST withdrawals, or other circumstances.

Mutation Level Edit

Each hero has a mutation level, that denotes how badly their mutations have affected their outward appearances. A hero's mutation level is the sum of the mutation scores for all mutations they have. Mutations may have individual effects, and the GM may determine that your mutation effects your ability (positively or negatively) in certain situations.

If a mutation is able to be hidden, (i.e. with clothing), the GM may allow the player to not count that mutation towards their mutation level as long as the mutation is hidden.

A hero's mutation level has the following effects:

Note: Mutation effects stack from level to level.

Mutation Level Effects
1-2 No effect
3-4 +1 to the difficulty of any medicine checks targeting you
5-10 An additional -1 to Charisma (-1 total)
11-15 An additional -1 to Charisma (-2 total)
16-25 An additional -1 to Charisma (-3 total)
26+ An additional -1 to Charisma (-4 total)

Mutation Check Edit

Dice Pool: Toughness + Power.

Mutations Table Edit

When rolling on the mutations table, a player rolls 1d100 and gains the mutation associated with the number rolled.

Mutation Mutation Score Mutation Roll Range Cost Effects
Unnatural Eyes 1 1-6 0 Cosmetic only
Unnatural Hair 1 7-12 0 Cosmetic only
Unnatural Skin 1 13-18 0 Cosmetic only
Unnatural Voice 1 19-24 0 Cosmetic only
Extra Digit (Cosmetic) 1 25-30 0 Cosmetic only
Forked Tongue 1 31-36 0 Cosmetic only
Fins 2 37-42 0 Cosmetic only
Horns 2 43-48 0 Cosmetic only
Thin Scales 2 49-54 0 Cosmetic only
Thin Fur Coat 2 55-60 0 Cosmetic only
Claws 4 61-64 1 You have claws instead of fingers. -1 to Dexterity when trying to manipulate objects. You have the Claws weapon.
Fangs 3 65-68 1 You have the Fangs weapon.
Webbed Digits 3 69-72 1 (+1) to Dexterity while under water
Thick Fur Coat 3 73-76 1 (+1) on Survival rolls in extreme cold
Prehensile Tail * 6 77-79 2 You have a prehensile tail. +1 to Athletics when attempting to balance, climb, or any other activity in which your tail may assist you (GM Discretion)
Exoskeleton 8 80-82 2 (+2) to Armor. A hero with fur or scales cannot gain this mutation.
Gills 2 83-85 2 You can breath underwater for an indefinite period of time
Armored Scales 3 86-88 2 (+1) Armor
Tentacle 15 89-91 2 You have a tentacle growing from your side or back. You have a +1 to Brawl.
Stinger 15 92-94 2 You have a poisonous stinger. You have the Stinger weapon
Extra Arm * 11 95-97 3 You have an additional arm to carry things. You may perform an additional melee attack each combat round
Extra Legs * 11 98-99 4 You have four legs. +1 to Speed, +1 to Athletics
Wings 7 100 5 You can fly.
  • This mutation can be obtained multiple times.

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