Every character is a unique individual with certain drives, goals, personal values, personality quirks, and priorities that guide their lives. These are represented by a character’s Passions. Every character begins with 5 points of Passions. These can be divided between any number of different choices, with a starting maximum value at this point of 3 in each.

These Passions should really reflect and embody your character’s concept that you came up with in Step 1. Any time a character is doing something in pursuit of a Passion, they may add a number of dice equal to that Passion to their dice pool a number of times per session also equal to that Passion. On the other hand, if they try to actively oppose it, they must make an Intelligence + Willpower roll and gain a number of successes equal to the level of the Passion or be forced to pursue it anyway.

All Passions, in both selection and usage, are subject to GM approval.

Example: James decides Galdren is primarily passionate about one thing: uncovering ancient secrets. He gives Galdren a Passion of Learning Forgotten Knowledge of 3. He also decides, based on Galdren’s rejection of his previous sheltered life, that he has a Passion for Rebelling Against Authority at 1. Finally, James gives Galdren a Passion of Being Ruthless at 1 to show his cold, calculating, somewhat selfish nature.

Later, during play, Galdren is inside of an ancient temple that begins collapsing from a supernatural earthquake. He is hurriedly attempting to copy down the hieroglyphics written on the wall, but must tear himself away from them to have a definite chance to escape before being crushed to death in the rubble. Doing so, however, would cause these forgotten texts to likely be lost for good. Galdren must roll his Intelligence (4) + Willpower (3) in order to overcome his urge to remain. He rolls a 1, 1, 4, 7, 8, 9, 9, giving him 3 successes (1 from each 8, 1 from the 9). This is equal to his Passion for Learning Forgotten Knowledge of 3, so he manages to use his best judgment and escape from the temple before it crashes down around him.

In a separate incident during play, the group is being blackmailed by an associate. If they do not agree to pay him a sizable amount of gold, he is planning on revealing evidence of a crime previously committed to the authorities, which would threaten any future mercenary jobs and likely turn them into outlaws. Facing potentially disastrous consequences, Galdren decides to utilize his Ruthless 1 Passion and do whatever it takes in order to eliminate the threat. Galdren attempts to sneak into his bedroom to murder him in his sleep. The GM tells him to roll Dexterity + Stealth, which is only 2 dice. Since this is in pursuit of his Ruthless Passion, he decides to use his Passion to give him an extra die. He rolls the three dice and manages to succeed. If he had decided to do nothing about the blackmailer, he would have had to make an Intelligence + Willpower check to ignore his urge to deal with the problem person.

Courtesy of James Nash

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