1. Present Occupation: Edit

Reggie Napier is what is known as a political "Fixer"; various campaigns hire him to remove obstacles (unfriendly reporters, annoying protest/activist groups, enemy politicians, potential scandals) blocking their candidates from office. Never hired in person, and only maintaining fake social media profiles used in his contracted investigations, Reggie has nevertheless built a reputation for ruthless political sabotage. And while no one has ever died or been seriously injured due to his actions (Reggie personally abhors physical violence), many a politician's career has been brought to a sudden and often embarrassing end, on all sides of the political spectrum.

2. Past Edit

Born and raised in the affluent household of a Pennsylvania senator. Hoping between estates in Philadelphia and Washington D.C., Reggie's life on paper reads like a typical WASP lifestyle - private academies, extravagant birthdays, silver spoons. But privately, the home of Senator Napier was a prison for Reggie's family, as his father practiced a form of discipline not seen since the times of ancient Sparta. Hours of forced isolation, routine beatings, and even ritualized scarring across young Reggie's back for particularly egregious offenses ("crimes against the family" as Reggie's father called them). Reggie has a long, tortured story for each mark on his body.

Reggie, his mother, and his younger sister Matilda ("Maddy") managed to keep a brave public face and hid the hideousness of Senator Napier's character has the patriarch climbed ever higher in Washington's hierarchy. Then, after a particularly brutal episode involving a secret girlfriend of being discovered by his father, Reggie was hospitalized. Unable to take stress and guilt of her family's state, Reggie's mother committed suicide soon after. Reggie kept quiet to the media however, fearing his father's wrath upon both him and his sister.

He instead became fiercely loyal to his father, and upon graduating college became one of Senator Napier's craftiest political advisers. He was instrumental in the continued rise of his father's career, culminating in Senator Napier's nomination for Secretary of State. As confirmation seemed inevitable, Reggie suddenly vanished along with his sister. Immediately thereafter anonymous tips, photographs, and accounts from former staff and housekeepers flooded the media of the Senator's brutal family life. His confirmation, and soon his entire career collapsed, and the rest of his life was consumed battling prosecution and constant legal suits pertaining to decades-old shaddy financial dealings.

Reggie has remained hidden ever since.

3. Known Relatives Edit

Mother - deceased: suicide following a particularly brutal beating of Reggie

Father - deceased: liver failure 10 years ago. Note: Reggie maintains his father's grave site and pays an annual visit on the day his mother died. He allows his mother's grave to slowly deteriorate.

Sister - Matilda Napier ("Maddy")- Age 28: Now a struggling yet still idealistic journalist living in New York City. While her childhood was certainly stressful, Matilda was spared most of the more horrifying aspects of her father's nature; both Reggie and their mother took great pains to hide reality from her, and she learned of most his atrocities only after they were exposed (by Reggie) to the media. She does not hide from the public as Reggie does, and she still every so often is contact by the media for comment and their family's dark past.  

4. Known Associates Edit

Lucy, his "manager", views him as a squirrely recluse that will likely one day snap and wind up on the evening news. But he pays well for what amounts to a simple job (dealing with over-caffeinated campaign managers).

5. Beliefs and Ideology Edit

Despite his career, Reggie holds no deep-seeded ideology has it pertains to governance. Individual politicians can raise his ire, and certain policies directly affecting local children may cause him to act against those that created them.

Reggie finds oblivion an intriguing, almost comforting concept. The notion that one's past and future can be ended and erased from all memory seems to him an ideal exit strategy for any given individual. This is in fact why he maintains his father's grave: he has no intention on granting Senator Napier the peace of being forgotten.

Reggie idolizes children, and the concept of innocence. This manifests in his charitable work, but often it borders on obsession. His small apartment is adorned with paintings and photos of children. His feelings are that of an avid admirer though, and are not sexual (indeed, the few times Reggie's work has led to the exposure of a pedophile, he has been particularly thorough in his target's political destruction, leaving them with nothing but a 10X12 jail cell). His adoration would be seen as particularly creepy to a casual observer though. Over the years he has learned to taper down his feelings when around actual children (and their parents), but in private.....

While Reggie has no qualms over taking down a decent, well-qualified and dedicated government official for the right price, he does take particular glee in destroying the lives of those with family situation similar to his own past. This is one the main reason's Reggie maintains anonymity with his clients: he may one day discover something about them that will give him cause to destroy them.

6. Goals Edit

Reggie wishes his sister all the success in world, and sees her public life as an ideal he himself can never attain. His work paid for her education, and he continues to help her financially (over her protests).

But in the end, Reggie wants oblivion. Not to be confused with death, Reggie wishes his existence to be erased from the collective memory of all time and space. The pain and his childhood, the guilt he feels for his mother's suicide, and the often unseemly things his job requires of him bear down upon him. However, the satisfaction his career sometimes provides him, his sister, and the charitable works ground him, and keep him from actively seeking out this wish....for now.

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