Description Edit

You can change your physical appearance. Shapeshifting is generally used to mimic other people, however at high levels, it can be used to alter your shape in other beneficial ways.

Shapeshifting can never make you lose or gain large amounts of mass. You are able to change your height and weight slightly, but you cannot grow enormous (to the size of a bear, for example) or shrink down (to the size of a cat, for example).

Levels Edit

Level Abilities
1 Shift eye color, hair color/style, and other minor physical features.
2 Shift gender, height, weight, and physical proportions
3 Alter voice. Shift clothing and accessories (jewelry, glasses, etc.)
4 Shift into minor mutations (mutations with a 0 - 1 cost)
5 Shift into non-humanoid figures and mutations with a 2 cost.

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