Super Powers are the super-human abiltiess that a character may possess.

Each character may have any number of super powers, however super powers cannot normally be obtained. Super Powers can usually only be gained through the following means.

Gaining Super Powers Edit

A character may gain super powers in three ways

1. Extraordinary Circumstances Edit

An extraordinary event may occur in a character's life that would cause them to obtain super powers. This is largely story based. In most situations of extraordinary circumstances, the super powers the character obtains are chosen by the GM.

2. FAUST Treatment Edit

When FAUST is administered to a character by a trained professional, with the IV drip, the character will have some ability to impact the types of Super Powers obtained, as the initall treatment can be configured for the patient.

3. FAUST Injections Edit

If a character with no super powers takes FAUST injections without the initial IV drip, it is possible that Super Powers will be obtained. In this case, the character will have no ability to decide what super powers they will obtain.

Caution: FAUST injections without the initial IV drip can often have other unintended side effects.

Super Power Levels Edit

Each super power has 5 levels. Once a super power has been obtained, a character can spend Super XP to upgrade their super powers. Each level of a super power costs the new level x5 Super XP.

Each level of a super power unlocks new abilities to be used with that super power, as well as giving an additional die on all rolls to use that super power.

Types of Super Powers Edit

Each type of super power has multiple powers that may be obtained.

  • Fire
    • Fire-Bending
    • Ignite (Self)
    • Rocket - (Flying)
    • Fireball
  • Water
    • Water-Bending
    • Blast
  • Air
    • Flying
    • Gust
  • Earth
    • Earth-Bending
    • Transform (Self)
  • Metal
    • Metal-Bending
    • Harden (Self)
  • Light
  • Physical
    • Super Strength
    • Super Speed
    • Leap
  • Mental
    • Mind Reading
    • Mind Control
    • Illusion
    • Meditation (Self)
    • Keen Memory
  • Space
  • Senses
    • X-Ray Vision
    • Keen Sight
    • Danger Sense
    • Keen Hearing
    • Keen Smell
  • More Coming Soon - Additional Super Powers will be added as needed

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