Description Edit

The ability to teleport yourself and any items you are carrying or wearing from one location to another.

Teleportation cannot teleport you into a space that you could not normally occupy. (Space occupied by any physical object or another person).

A failed teleportation check causes you to teleport to an unintended target location.

Every success over the 1st allows you to teleport an additional 10 ft. You may attempt to teleport farther than 1 success would allow, if a sufficient number of successes are not achieved, you may choose to teleport up to the allowed distance or not at all.

The following definitions are used to define the places you may teleport to at different levels.

Clear - There is a clear, direct, and unobstructed path from your current location to the target location.

Obstructed - There is no direct path from your current location to the target location that does not move through other objects. (Ex. teleporting into the middle of a crowd, through a wall)

Visible - You can see the target location from your current location. A location that is visible is also known.

Known - You cannot see the target location, but you are aware of the layout/obstacles at the target location. (Ex. A room that you have been in before and have a good idea of its contents).

Unknown - The target location and its contents are unknown to you.

Levels Edit

Level Abilities
1 Clear & Visible - Distance: 10 ft.
2 Obstructed & Visible - Distance: 10 ft.

Clear & Visible - Distance: 30 ft.

3 Obstructed & Known - Distance: 10 ft.

Obstructed & Visible - Distance: 30 ft.

Clear & Visible - 50 ft.

4 Obstructed & Unknown - Distance: 10 ft

Obstructed & Known - Distance: 30 ft.

Obstructed & Visible - Distance: 50 ft.

Clear & Visible -Distance: 70 ft.

5 Obstructed & Unknown - Distance: 50 ft

Obstructed & Known - Distance: 50 ft.

Obstructed & Visible - Distance: 70 ft.

Clear & Visible -Distance: 100 ft.

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